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August, 2016

August 31, 2016: The Monster of Minden published at last

August 31, 2016: A monster put in its place

August 31, 2016: Bone by bone, fossil found in a Rowan dig takes shape on a lab floor

August 31, 2016: Verdaderos "Dragones" del Mesozoico, los Pterosaurios

August 31, 2016: Our new pterosaur fossil shows birds and small reptiles flew side by side

August 31, 2016: A small azhdarchoid pterosaur from the latest Cretaceous, the age of flying giants.

August 31, 2016: A new megalosaurid theropod dinosaur from the late Middle Jurassic (Callovian) of north-western Germany: Implications for theropod evolution and faunal turnover in the Jurassic.

August 31, 2016: New species of pterosaur discovered in Patagonia - A superbly preserved skull reveals information about the evolution of the braincase in pterodactyloids

August 31, 2016: Osteology of the Late Triassic aetosaur Scutarx deltatylus (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia).

August 31, 2016: A Jurassic pterosaur from Patagonia and the origin of the pterodactyloid neurocranium.

August 31, 2016: Structure and homology of Psittacosaurus tail bristles.

August 31, 2016: A new find of discosauriscid seymouriamorph from the Lower Permian of Boskovice Basin in Moravia (the Czech Republic).

August 31, 2016: Frog origins: inferences based on ancestral reconstructions of locomotor performance and anatomy.

August 31, 2016: Revision of the skeletal morphology of Eodiscoglossus santonjae, an Early Cretaceous frog from northeastern Spain, with comments on its phylogenetic placement.

August 31, 2016: The fossil record of tadpoles.

August 31, 2016: An unusual Amphisauropus trackway and its implication for understanding locomotion.

August 31, 2016: An accumulation of turtle eggs with embryos from the Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Judith River Formation of Montana.

August 31, 2016: The Quadratojugal of Eryops studied by computed tomography and the morphological variability of foramina and canals in the quadratojugal of basal tetrapods.

August 31, 2016: Triadobatrachus massinoti, the earliest known lissamphibian (Vertebrata: Tetrapoda) re-examined by µCT scan, and the evolution of trunk length in batrachians.

August 31, 2016: Los rastros de los animales tras las huellas de lo que existió y no vemos

August 31, 2016: Mit Presslufthammer, Pinsel und Leim: Ben Pabst befreit den Dino-Kiefer aus dem Lehm

August 31, 2016: A busy year for a little dinosaur

August 31, 2016: Armored dinosaur was a fish-eating turtle-mimic

August 31, 2016: Lo status (pale)ontologico di Beipiaognathus

August 31, 2016: Four-winged dinosaurs or sexual dimorphism of dinosaurs.

August 31, 2016: Fish hunting ankylosaurs (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) from the Cretaceous of China

August 31, 2016: A new species of compsognathid from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of western Liaoning, China

August 31, 2016: Researchers offer answers about plesiosaurs

August 31, 2016: Welcome to Jurassic Cretaceous Oligocene Park

August 31, 2016: Trix: van woeste dino tot braaf fossiel

August 31, 2016: México es una cuna de las especies

August 31, 2016: Hier wohnt einer der weltgrössten Dinosaurier

August 31, 2016: Microraptor Shenanigans Part I: Hind Wings & Stealth

August 31, 2016: Dinosaur skull returns to New Mexico

August 31, 2016: Roaring Back to Life: The State Museum steps back 3.5 billion years to explore New Jersey’s geology

August 31, 2016: Visiting the New Jersey State Museum: Dryptosaurus gets a Mount (FINALLY)

August 31, 2016: A miniature notosuchian with multicuspid teeth from the Cretaceous of Morocco.

August 31, 2016: Fossil snake preserving three trophic levels and evidence for an ontogenetic dietary shift.

August 31, 2016: First report of lacertiform (lizard) tracks from the Cretaceous of Asia.

August 31, 2016: Cranial Morphology of the Carboniferous-Permian Tetrapod Brachydectes newberryi (Lepospondyli, Lysorophia): New Data from µCT.

August 31, 2016: Tyrannosaurus sex

August 31, 2016: Alle Augen auf den Archaeopteryx - Im Dinosaurier-Park bei Denkendorf tauchen die Besucher in verschiedene Erdzeitalter ein. Nicht nur T-Rex kreuzt den Rundweg.

August 31, 2016: Dino of the week: the Leptoceratops - Triceratops grew to a size larger than an African elephant. Leptoceratops was closer in size to a big pig'

August 31, 2016: The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace: Among the Most Accurate Renditions of Prehistoric Life Ever Made

August 31, 2016: Student palaeontologist stumbles upon missing fossil foot of 'Welsh Dragon' dinosaur

August 31, 2016: Dinosaur tracks - The next steps.

August 31, 2016: First record of tetrapod footprints from the Carboniferous Mesters Vig Formation in East Greenland.

August 31, 2016: Tetrapod tracks taphonomy in eolian facies from the Permian of Argentina.

August 31, 2016: Fungal decomposition of terrestrial organic matter accelerated Early Jurassic climate warming.

August 31, 2016: On the taxonomy and osteology of the Early Eocene North American Geranoididae (Aves, Gruoidea).

August 31, 2016: The Gastornis (Aves, Gastornithidae) from the Late Paleocene of Louvois (Marne, France).

August 31, 2016: Taxonomic revision of Eoalligator (Crocodylia, Brevirostres) and the paleogeographic origins of the Chinese alligatoroids.

August 31, 2016: В Дагестане палеонтологи обнаружили останки ихтиозавра

August 31, 2016: El Consell permite a Morella custodiar hallazgos paleontológicos tras 16 años - El Ayuntamiento trabaja en un proyecto para habilitar un laboratorio donde tratar y almacenar las piezas. El Museu Temps de Dinosaures recibirá los restos de las próximas excavaciones que se realizarán en Portell

August 31, 2016: Don't worry, Sue — Trix is just passing through

August 31, 2016: Ältestes Archaeopteryx-Fossil - Spektakulärer Fund kommt in Ausstellung

August 31, 2016: These Tiny Ancient Mammals Were Tougher Than a T. Rex - Don't underestimate the little guys.

August 31, 2016: Champsosaurus: Adventures in 19th century taxonomy

August 31, 2016: Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying animal of all time

August 31, 2016: Dinosauři z rumunského ostrova

August 31, 2016: Ferganasaurus

August 31, 2016: The Titanosaur's Travels

August 31, 2016: Sedimentology and ichnology of the Mafube dinosaur track site (Lower Jurassic, eastern Free State, South Africa): a report on footprint preservation and palaeoenvironment.

August 31, 2016: Isolated Archosaur teeth from the green sandstone capping the Coralline Limestone (Bagh Group) of the Narmada valley: Evidence for the presence of pre-Late to Late Maastrichtian abelisaurids in India.

August 31, 2016: The palatal dentition of tetrapods and its functional significance.

August 31, 2016: Cranial Bosses of Choerosaurus dejageri (Therapsida, Therocephalia): Earliest Evidence of Cranial Display Structures in Eutheriodonts.

August 31, 2016: Feestelijke intocht voor Trix

August 31, 2016: Vom Leben und Sterben der Dinos - Das Sauriermuseum im schweizerischen Frick hat einiges zu bieten / Auch das Skelett eines weltweit einzigartigen Raubdinosauriers ist zu sehen /.

August 31, 2016: A bakonyi dinók nyomában

August 31, 2016: Ciro, baby dinosauro sotto i riflettori spenti - Si torna a parlare della mancata valorizzazione dell'importante reperto

August 31, 2016: El Museo Argentino Urquiza reanudó las excavaciones en Cañadón Mistringa

August 31, 2016: Paleontólogos identificam dinossauro que só existia em Portugal e Inglaterra

August 31, 2016: El dinosaurio que informa de cómo era España hace 75 millones de años - 'Lohuecotitan Pandafilandi' medía 20 metros y se expone en el Museo de Paleontología de Cuenca

August 31, 2016: “Lohuecotitan pandafilandi”: un nuevo dinosaurio conquense con nombre cervantino - La nueva especie registrada en el yacimiento de Lo Hueco es un titanosaurio de grandes dimensiones que vivió hace 75 millones de años en lo que hoy es Fuentes

August 31, 2016: El dinosaurio hallado en Cuenca se llamará «Pandafilandi», en honor al Quijote - El paleontólogo Fransico Ortega considera que va a «servir como Piedra Rosetta para despejar varias incógnitas»

August 31, 2016: Favourite figures from papers

August 31, 2016: Учёные: динозавры сделают прорыв в науке и туризме Кузбасса

August 31, 2016: Benevento, povero dinosauro Ciro abbandonato in una stanzetta - Esposto dalla Soprintendenza in «mostra» con indicazioni su fogli A4, senza pubblicità e in un ambiente scalcinato. L’assessore Picucci: «Non ne sapevo nulla».

August 31, 2016: Burke Museum team discovers a T. rex

August 31, 2016: Revision and phylogenetic affinities of Elosuchus (Crocodyliformes).

August 31, 2016: Ichnological evidence of Megalosaurid Dinosaurs Crossing Middle Jurassic Tidal Flats

August 31, 2016: This Man Claims He Has the World’s Largest Collection of Toy Dinosaurs, and He Loves Them All- Randy Knol's stunning array chronicles our evolving knowledge about the prehistoric beasts

August 31, 2016: Dinossauro desconhecido fora do Reino Unido descoberto em museu em Lisboa

August 31, 2016: UAF grad student on hunt for ancient marine reptiles

August 31, 2016: Thrills and chills at Moab Giants

August 31, 2016: Dino of the week: Stegoceras - This skull-bashing runt once roamed prehistoric Alberta

August 31, 2016: Paleontologists with the UW’s Burke Museum discover major T. rex fossil

August 31, 2016: Direct high-precision U–Pb geochronology of the end-Cretaceous extinction and calibration of Paleocene astronomical timescales.

August 31, 2016: Assessing the completeness of the fossil record: comparison of different methods applied to parareptilian tetrapods (Vertebrata: Sauropsida).

August 31, 2016: The braincase and neurosensory anatomy of an Early Jurassic marine crocodylomorph: Implications for crocodylian sinus evolution and sensory transitions.

August 31, 2016: Fish and tetrapod communities across a marine to brackish salinity gradient in the Pennsylvanian (early Moscovian) Minto Formation of New Brunswick, Canada, and their palaeoecological and palaeogeographical implications.

August 31, 2016: A juvenile eurysternid turtle (Testudines: Eurysternidae) from the upper Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) of Nusplingen (SW Germany).

August 31, 2016: A lightweight, biological structure with tailored stiffness: The feather vane.

August 31, 2016: The physiological basis of bird flight

August 31, 2016: Introduction: Moving in a moving medium: new perspectives on flight.

August 31, 2016: Near Saratov found unusual pterosaur

August 31, 2016: Evolution of avian flight: muscles and constraints on performance

August 31, 2016: An azhdarchid humerus (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Saratov Region

August 31, 2016: Frontal bones of non-avian theropod dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian – ? Campanian) Bostobe Formation of the northeastern Aral Sea region, Kazakhstan.

August 31, 2016: Marc Progin, l’homme qui a découvert un œuf de dinosaure

August 31, 2016: В Котельниче открылась уникальная экспозиция

August 31, 2016: На Котельничском месторождении палеонтологи достают из берега Вятки по частям очередной скелет парейазавра - Скелет был обнаружен в начале июля, но тогда находку извлечь не удалось.

August 31, 2016: Вятские вандалы уничтожили пермского звероящера

August 31, 2016: Holder's Hideaway: The Whiteside Museum of Natural History

August 31, 2016: Har hentet ut 800 kilo knokler fra Svalbard - Paleontolog Jørn Hurum er svært fornøyd med årets øgle-utgraving på Svalbard.

August 31, 2016: La Generalitat de Cataluña «localiza» restos de los «países catalanes» en la era de los dinosaurios - El departamento de Cultura incluye localidades valencianas entre los «principales yacimientos paleontológicos» catalanes

August 31, 2016: Is Caulodon a synonym of Camarasaurus?

August 31, 2016: Father and son team discover a dinosaur tooth in Japan

August 31, 2016: Victorian Dinosaur Tracks of the ’80s

August 31, 2016: Following dinosaur footsteps in Bolivia's fossil mecca

August 31, 2016: With 300 teeth, duck-billed dinosaurs would have been dentist's dream

August 31, 2016: Meet Nanotyrannus, the dinosaur that never really existed - Palaeontologists have believed for decades that a smaller version of Tyrannosaurus rex also stalked North America

August 31, 2016: Inside The Dinosaur Paleontology Renaissance In South Africa

August 31, 2016: Edmontosaurus, the great American duckbill dinosaur

August 25, 2016: A new ophthalmosaurid ichthyosaur from the Late Jurassic of Owadów-Brzezinki Quarry, Poland.

August 25, 2016: New specimens of horned dinosaurs from the Aguja Formation of West Texas, and a revision of Agujaceratops.

August 25, 2016: Ischigualasto, donde a las piezas las cincela el viento - El hombre no puede intervenir en las formas del parque sanjuanino; Cómo se proyectan las bajas y los reemplazos de las figuras

August 25, 2016: Un dinosaurio feroz vivió en Bolivia

August 25, 2016: A fossil hunter's dream: Plumber who spent 30 years finding 2,000 specimens as a hobby is given a £5 million museum to house his life's work

August 25, 2016: Angeac, coffre au trésor des paléontologues pour encore au moins dix ans - Unique en France par sa richesse, le gisement de dinosaures d'Angeac (Charente) n'en finit pas de dévoiler ses trésors aux paléontologues.

August 25, 2016: 50 ponencias para unas jornadas de Paleontología con la “estrella” Paul Sereno

August 25, 2016: La búsqueda de huesos de dinosaurio en Burgos puede retomarse en el año 2017

August 25, 2016: Il canyon, la carrucola e lo spinosauro

August 25, 2016: A New Wrinkle in the Megaraptor Mega-Mystery

August 25, 2016: Impressions on validity of Suuwassea

August 25, 2016: McPhee et al. (2014) paper on Antetonitrus, part 1: definition of Sauropodiformes

August 25, 2016: McPhee et al. (2014) paper on Antetonitrus, part 2: is Thotobolosaurus a relative of Antetonitrus?

August 25, 2016: Newly-discovered Siberian dinosaur was as heavy as 7 male African elephants

August 25, 2016: Poslední z titánů

August 25, 2016: Are Europe's latest Cretaceous titanosaurs descended from a Central Asian ancestor?

August 25, 2016: Scientists Find a Nearly Complete Hadrosaur in Inner Mongolia

August 25, 2016: Well-preserved hadrosaur fossil unearthed in N. China

August 25, 2016: Systematic review of Late Jurassic sauropods from the Museu Geológico collections (Lisboa, Portugal)

August 25, 2016: One man’s incredible collection of fossilised poop

August 25, 2016: Dinosaur fossils display celebrated at Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center

August 25, 2016: Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence

August 25, 2016: Динозавр, найденный учеными ТГУ, оказался новым видом древних ящеров

August 25, 2016: Previously unknown dinosaur species unearthed in Siberia

August 25, 2016: Dino of the week: the Apatoraptor - In the same family as T. Rex but with a large beak instead of large teeth

August 25, 2016: Manitoba Museum unveils rare pliosaur fossil


August 25, 2016: Meet the fighting dinosaurs of Trenton

August 25, 2016: A new titanosaur (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous of Lo Hueco (Cuenca, Spain).

August 25, 2016: Tracing the evolution of bird reproduction

August 25, 2016: Reproduction in Mesozoic birds and evolution of the modern avian reproductive mode.

August 25, 2016: 10 More Obscure Dinosaurs

August 25, 2016: Giant Abelisaurs

August 25, 2016: The powerful bite of super-croc Purussaurus

August 25, 2016: What Happened in the Seconds, Hours, Weeks After the Dino-Killing Asteroid Hit Earth? The Cretaceous forecast: Tsunamis, a deadly heat pulse, and massive cooling.

August 25, 2016: Think Twice Before You Call Someone a Dinosaur

August 25, 2016: Dinosauří město v Číně

August 25, 2016: La nueva exposición 'Els nostres dinosaures' del Museu de les Ciències descubre el valioso patrimonio paleontológico de la Comunitat Valenciana - La muestra invita a viajar en el tiempo hasta la era del Mesozoico a través de fósiles, maquetas, audiovisuales y reproducciones de dinosaurios

August 25, 2016: The Evolution Of Alioramus

August 25, 2016: Hello to the Sibirosaurus? New dinosaur discovered by university scientists

August 25, 2016: Палеонтологи открыли новый вид динозавра

August 25, 2016: Father, son find rare dinosaur fossil in Japan

August 25, 2016: Dinosaur tracks lead paleontologist through museum to mentor's discovery

August 25, 2016: Tracking Australia's dinosaur past

August 25, 2016: Spinosaurus: gambe corte o torace lungo?

August 25, 2016: Marco Polo è ritornato – Fossili cinesi in mostra a Milano

August 25, 2016: El CAS aparca las excavaciones para musealizar las icnitas de dinosaurio

August 25, 2016: Fossilized Footprints: Dinosaur State Park Celebrates Its Day Of Discovery 50 Years Ago

August 11, 2016: Reassessment of the earliest documented stegosaurian fossils from Asia.

August 11, 2016: Saurier-Skelette »Tambacher Liebespaar« (Seymouria sanjuanensis)

August 11, 2016: „Tambacher Liebespaar“ ist zurückgekehrt - Gestohlene Saurier-Modelle wurden durch neue ersetzt. Kooperationsvereinbarungen mit Tourismus und Kneippverband abgeschlossen

August 11, 2016: Misterele dinozaurului pitic găsit aproape de Timişoara: e ungur sau român?

August 11, 2016: В гостях у динозавра. Как спасти историю и природу от толп туристов? - Доктор культурологии рассказал корреспонденту «АиФ-Кузбасс» о том, какими находками богата Кузнецкая земля, и как их спасти от туристов, жаждущих зрелищ.

August 11, 2016: Ptérosaures à Crayssac : «Nous sommes là dans une joaillerie»

August 11, 2016: Et si on allait à la plage... aux ptérosaures ?- Idée de sortie en famille cet été avec La Plage aux Ptérosaures à Crayssac. Petits prix pour les habitants du Grand Cahors.

August 11, 2016: Five questions with the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum’s president and CEO

August 11, 2016: Medical students join hunt for bones of Montana’s 'good mother lizard'

August 11, 2016: Painting the Ancient Seas

August 11, 2016: Making Dromaeosaurids Nasty Again Part IV: New Hypotheses on Dromaeosaurid Feeding Technique & Role of Tail in Movement

August 11, 2016: Dinosaur Tracks Discovery Anniversary Celebration on Tap for August - See what's going on at the state park.

August 11, 2016: Después de 40 años se evidencia el hallazgo de fósiles de dinosaurios en Honduras

August 11, 2016: Dientes de dinosaurios carnívoros se exponen en Elche

August 11, 2016: Defying Critics, Paleontologist Paul Olsen Looks for Hidden Answers Behind Mass Extinctions - From a childhood spent discovering fossils to tangling over questions of ancient life and death, this scientist constantly pushes the boundaries.

August 11, 2016: Xu Xing, the world’s great dinosaur hunter

August 11, 2016: On the presence of the subnarial foramen in Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Pseudosuchia: Loricata) with remarks on its phylogenetic distribution.

August 11, 2016: The predentary bone and its significance in the evolution of feeding mechanisms in ornithischian dinosaurs.

August 11, 2016: Stegosaurs and the Species Recognition Hypothesis - Does the species recognition hypothesis explain why Stegosaurus possesses the distinctive giant plates that run along the top of its neck, back and tail? Dear Species Recognition Hypothesis: look, we need to talk...

August 11, 2016: A specimen of the dryosaurid Valdosaurus has been discovered on the Isle of Wight

August 11, 2016: Pigmented anatomy in Carboniferous cyclostomes and the evolution of the vertebrate eye.

August 11, 2016: Seeing red to being red: conserved genetic mechanism for red cone oil droplets and co-option for red coloration in birds and turtles.

August 11, 2016: The pes of Australovenator wintonensis (Theropoda: Megaraptoridae): analysis of the pedal range of motion and biological restoration.

August 11, 2016: First diagnosis of septic arthritis in a dinosaur

August 11, 2016: A hyper-robust sauropodomorph dinosaur ilium from the Upper Triassic–Lower Jurassic Elliot Formation of South Africa: Implications for the functional diversity of basal Sauropodomorpha.

August 11, 2016: PhD student fund fossils of 130 Million Years old Godzilla Crocodille – Colorado Springs Tech Week

August 11, 2016: Birds of a fibula

August 11, 2016: 'Red gene' in birds and turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision

August 11, 2016: Septic Arthritis Seen in Dinosaur -A duck-billed dinosaur is the first to be diagnosed (posthumously, of course) with the painful condition.

August 11, 2016: 70 million years later, this duck-billed dinosaur has a diagnosis: Septic arthritis

August 11, 2016: Paleontologists Uncover Ancient Crocodile Nesting Ground in Brazil - The Cretaceous eggs hint at how crocodile reproduction has changed through the ages

August 11, 2016: Ancient Crocs

August 11, 2016: The first crocodile ancestors

August 11, 2016: The Children’s Museum to Create New Exhibit on Dinosaurs and Connecticut

August 11, 2016: To brighten its future, Bob Campbell Geology Museum turns to a dinosaur from the past

August 11, 2016: Alberta fossil site hints to ‘epic disaster’ for group of dinosaurs

August 11, 2016: Dinosauří rekordy


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