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February, 2017

February 20, 2017: Environmental adaptations and constraints on latest Cretaceous Arctic dinosaurs.

February 20, 2017: Fossil biotas from Pakistan with focus on dinosaur distributions and discussion on paleobiogeographic evolution of Indo-Pak Peninsula.

February 20, 2017: Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage of Berezovsk coal mine in western Siberia (Russia).

February 20, 2017: Scientists retrieve 80-million-year-old dinosaur protein in ‘milestone’ paper

February 20, 2017: A bizarre Early Cretaceous enantiornithine bird with unique crural feathers and an ornithuromorph plough-shaped pygostyle

February 20, 2017: Synapsida – Gotta catch ‘em all!

February 20, 2017: An early geikiid dicynodont from the Tropidostoma Assemblage Zone (late Permian) of South Africa.

February 20, 2017: Evidence of preserved collagen in an Early Jurassic sauropodomorph dinosaur revealed by synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy.

February 20, 2017: Feather explosion: How fluffy dinosaur fossils rocked paleontology

February 20, 2017: Resurrecting dinosaurs from their footprints - World's first simulation of the formation of fossil tracks allows scientists to reverse-engineer dinosaur physiology.

February 20, 2017: Dinosaur fossils help solve a big mystery - Paleontologists trace sauropods' staggering size to unique, fast-growing bones

February 20, 2017: 10 удивительных фактов о тираннозаврах

February 20, 2017: Earliest, dinosaur-hunting marsupial-ancestor had the strongest bite of any mammal pound-for-pound

February 20, 2017: Devastation detectives try to solve dinosaur disappearance - Retracing the terrifying, mysterious final days of the dinosaurs

February 20, 2017: The first reported ceratopsid dinosaur from eastern North America (Owl Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous, Mississippi, USA).

February 20, 2017: Prized fossil find — the oldest, most complete iguanian in the Americas — illuminates the lives of lizards in the Age of Dinosaurs

February 20, 2017: Enigmatic Pterosaur Was a Terrestrial Stalker - This unusual saurian is worthy of horror movie fame

February 20, 2017: On dinosaur eggs and babies with Daniel Barta

February 20, 2017: 80-million-year-old dinosaur collagen confirmed


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