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Ankylosaur Trackway, Tumbler Ridge

January 30 , 2017:

by Fossil Huntress

Some very lucky folk had a chance to visit this dinosaur trackway along Wolverine River, a research site near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia.

The field trip was part of BCPA Conference. Most of the sites in British Columbia are marine, so it was with great excitement that we packed our gear after dinner to bask in the glory of these great terrestrial beasts. We’d been to the site by day, but it was quite an experience to visit again after dark. After an exciting hike in the dark through the woods and down a steep incline, we reached the river. The prints in this photo are from ankylosaurs, a type of armored dinosaur that date to the very end of the Cretaceous, between 68-66 million years ago. Picture a meandering armored tank munching on ferns and low-growing vegetation.

Some of the prints contain skin impressions, which is lucky as many of the prints are so shallow that they can only be recognized and ID’d through analyzing the impressions.

There are two types of footprints at the Wolverine River Tracksite: theropods (at least four different kinds) and ankylosaurs. Filling the prints with water and using light in a clever way was a genius idea for viewing tracks that are all but invisible earlier in the day with the bright sunlight.


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