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Even Dinosaurs Had Cancer

October 21, 2016:

bySam Godfrey

I’m willing to bet that if you are reading this, you have been affected by cancer. I wish that I knew this because of some startling powers of deduction. However, the sad truth is that cancer is incredibly common.

I find the advances in medicine making humans live longer, incredible. But even with in all my years in the lab, I never imagined for a moment that I would one day find myself sitting opposite Kirstie Allsopp. Especially, telling the world about amazing cancer research science in a Stand Up To Cancer podcast series.

Even more fascinating, cancers link with dinosaurs. The series starts with the history of cancer by solving the mystery of the death of a two-million-year-old child.- ADVERTISEMENT -

Listen to the prehistoric history of cancer, and meet an edmontosaurus

The other part of this series that is so important, telling the story of those affected by cancer. This episode features an incredible child who has overcome cancer and wants to be a doctor to help other kids who get cancer when he’s older. After you’ve listened, read more about the awesome science in this episode and its links to one of the most important scientists ever.

Cancer Research is Hope

Right now, every person in the UK who was born after 1960 has a one in two chance of getting cancer. Back in the 1970s, if you were diagnosed with cancer, you had a 50% chance of living for just one year.

One year is a short amount of time, look how fast Christmas comes around. But, thanks to research, half of all people diagnosed with cancer now will survive for at least ten years. Many of these people go on to live a happy and long life. We have seen a massive change in cancer outcomes, a change that gives us reason to hope. Research has got us this far and it will take us the rest of the way.

Children have to watch their parents and grandparents get ill, and, because cancer strikes unpredictably, occasionally parents and grandparents look on in horror as their children get sick. Something has to change. Despite all of the heartache, all of the frustration and anger and helplessness, there is something we can do. There is hope. And that hope is called research.

What is Stand Up To Cancer?

Stand Up To Cancer raises funds for this vital, life-saving research. More specifically, it funds translational research, which is a crucial part of the research process where scientists take breakthroughs and ideas from the lab and turn those into new treatments and tests that will save lives, as quickly as possible.

I see this important campaign as a sort of brash and noisy younger sibling to Cancer Research UK, and one that I absolutely had to be part of. People across the UK are rebelling against cancer with all sorts of acts of defiance, from munching chillies to firemen dancing in orange tutus, to raise much-needed funds for life-saving research. It’s inclusive, it’s urgent but most importantly, it’s a fight we can win together.

We know that someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK roughly once every two minutes, and this series will show how we are fighting back. So have a listen and join Kirstie and I as we Stand Up To Cancer - together we WILL beat this disease.

Finally, if you’re thinking about joining the rebellion against cancer, what are you waiting for? Hit the following link for information, education and everything you need to kick start your fundraising today.

Together, we’ve recorded ten podcasts, covering all manner of exciting science, interesting facts, and personal stories. Kirstie and I have had the privilege to speak with many brave, fascinating and inspiring people. It has been one hell of an experience.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast on AudioBoom, iTunes or with RSS on your favourite podcast player.



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