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Two–toed tracks through time: on the trail of “raptors” and their allies.

August 31 , 2016

The two-toed, or didactyl, tracks of deinonychosaurian dinosaurs, popularly known as “raptors,” are among the most distinctive theropod tracks known. Including the first confirmed report from China in 1994, a total of 16 tracksites have been recognized, all from Cretaceous strata. These include nine Chinese, two Korean, three North American, and two European occurrences. Many of these tracks have been assigned to four ichnogenera: Velociraptorichnus (two ichnospecies), Dromaeopodus, Menglongipus, and Dromaeosauripus (three ichnospecies). Most of the tracks have been attributed to dromaeosaurid theropods, but in the case of the largest sample, from Germany, a troodontid trackmaker is inferred.

Martin G. Lockley, Jerald D. Harris, Rihui Li, Lida Xing and Torsten van der Lubbe (2016)
Two–toed tracks through time: on the trail of “raptors” and their allies.
In Falkingham, P.L., Marty, D., and Richter, A. (eds) Dinosaur Tracks, The next steps, Indiana University Press, 183–200.


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