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Largest flying dinosaur on display at Bucharest museum

July 26 , 2016

by Irina Popescu

A life-size replica of Hatzegopteryx, the largest flying dinosaur of all times, discovered on Romanian territory, will be revealed to the public for the first time on July 28.

With a wingspan of 12 meters and a skull that measured about 3 meters, Hatzegopteryx was a giant dinosaur that lived about 71-65 million years ago.

The dinosaur, which belongs to the only dinosaur park in Romania – Dino Parc, will be presented at the Antipa Museum in Bucharest, within the Wings over time (Aripi peste timp) exhibition. It was reproduced according to the latest findings of Dan Grigorescu, the teacher who found the the giant dinosaur’s bone fragments.

The exhibition will stay open between July 28 and August 14, and will give dinosaur enthusiasts the chance to see the Hatzegopteryx, but also the Pteranodon animatronic and three other exhibits placed outside the Museum of Geology.

After the visit to Bucharest, the dinosaurs will go back home, to Dino Parc in Rasnov.



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