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Amateur paleontologist finds lariosaurus skull in Winterswijk quarry

June 30 , 2016

by Janene Pieters

Amateur paleontologist Remco Bleeker discovered a 4.5 centimeter skull of a lariosaurus in a quarry in Winterswijk. The skull is the first of its kind ever to be discovered in the Netherlands.

“If you consider that hundreds of people are looking for such a skull, it is quite special”, Bleeker said to Omroep Gelderland. “It’s like opening a page from the past.” The skull was sent to Germany, where it was examined and identified as a lariosaurus skull.

This is not the first discovery Bleeker made in the Winterswijk quarry. Some time ago Bleeker also discovered the fossil of a marine animal with teeth. This fossil was named after him, Palatodonta bleekeri, and is considered by many experts to be a missing link, according to the broadcaster.

The lariousaurus skull was named after the place where it was found. “The first was named after me. Now it is time to honor the quarry”, Bleeker said.

The skull is currently on loan to the Museum TwentseWelle



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