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A re-evaluation of the historical 'dinosaur' remains from the Middle-Upper Triassic of Poland.

June 15 , 2016

The so-called historical Polish discoveries of Triassic ‘dinosaurs’ have been repeatedly cited in papers and popular science books. Here, we re-evaluate each historical and purported Triassic dinosaur find from Poland. Additionaly, we describe several supposed ‘dinosaur’ bones collected by Polish geologists but only briefly mentioned: in regional geological journals, on collection labels, or in field notes. We attempt to assign all investigated specimens to the least inclusive taxon possible. Our revision indicates that part of this material represents non-dinosaur archosauromorph taxa. Most of the analysed specimens are fragmentary bones or isolated teeth and are indistinguishable from skeletal elements described from other well-known Triassic archosauromorph taxa. We conclude that fossils of dinosauriforms are present in the Upper Triassic of Silesia and Holy Cross Mountains. New analysis of Velocipes guerichi von Huene, 1932 holotype specimen from Kocury shows that it is the proximal part of fibula of a medium-sized theropod (or even neotheropod). Formally undescribed part of dinosauriform limb bone from the Holy Cross Mountains and V. guerichi from Silesia are the only identifiable dinosauromorph skeletal remains recognised in the Polish Triassic discovered prior to the description of Silesaurus opolensis Dzik, 2003 from the Upper Carnian of Krasiejów.

Tomasz Skawiński, Maciej Ziegler, Łukasz Czepiński, Marcin Szermański, Mateusz Tałanda, Dawid Surmik & Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki (2016)
A re-evaluation of the historical 'dinosaur' remains from the Middle-Upper Triassic of Poland.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)


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