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Tanzania: MPs Demand Return of Dinosaur Fossils From Germany Sanctuary

May 31, 2016

Dodoma — Tanzania will not bring back dinosaur fossils from Germany because the country lacks the capacity and technology required to preserve and display the remains for tourism purposes.

Several Members of Parliament (MPs) have appealed to the government to pressure Germany to return the dinosaur fossils so that Tanzanians can benefit from them through tourism earnings.

Making his contribution during the winding up of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism 2016/2017 budget estimates, Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo, said the fossils collected by expeditions to what was then German East Africa (Tendaguru), include the Brachiosaur specimen on show at the Humboldt Museum in Berlin.

However, Prof Muhongo said the government was negotiating with the Germany government so that Tanzania could earn part of the revenue collected by Humbolt Museum in Berlin.

He also said that the government has reached an agreement with Germany for the latter to provide training of specialists in historical and cultural preservation of the lizards' remains at the master and doctorate level.

Mchinga MP Hamidu Bobali (CUF) demanded an immediate return of the dinosaur from Germany to Lindi Region where people are wallowing in poverty despite tourist having tourist attractions.

The dinosaur remains were discovered in 1912 at a village in Lindi Region and were taken for preservation in Humbolt Museum in Berlin.



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