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Dinosauromorpha gen. sp. indet. 1

(Nesbitt, Irmis, Parker, Smith, Turner& Rowe, 2009)


Genus: Dinosauromorpha gen. sp. indet. 1 (Nesbitt, Irmis, Parker, Smith, Turner& Rowe, 2009)

Classification: Archosauria - Dinosauromorpha

Species: none

Holotype: none

Referred Specimens: TTU-P 11282: Proximal portion of a femur.
TTU-P 11877: Proximal portion of a femur.
TTU-P 10866: Distal portion of the femur.
TTU-P 11186: Distal portion of the femur.

Time: Carnian, Late Triassic.

Horizon: Cooper Canyon Member, Dockum Formation.

Location: Texas, USA.

Total length:



Comments:These specimens (TTU-P 11282; TTU-P 11877) possess the following character states that are shared among Lagerpeton, D. romeri, and D. gregorii: a hook-shaped femoral head, a ventral emargination on the anterolateral side on the femoral head, and an enlarged medial tuber of the proximal femur. Additionally, two distal portions of femora (TTU-P 10866; TTU-P 11186) are known from these same localities. The crista tibiofibularis is large relative to the medial condyle, but it is more similar in size to that of Lagerpeton than to the inflated crista tibiofibularis of Dromomeron. Because none of these specimens preserve autapomorphies of Lagerpeton or Dromomeron, these specimens can only be assigned to Lagerpetontidae.



Nesbitt, S. J., Irmis, R. B., Parker, W. G., Smith, N. D., Turner, A. H., and Rowe, T., 2009, Hindlimb osteology and districution of basal Dinosauromorphs from the Late Triassic of North America: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, v. 29, n. 2, p. 498-516.

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