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Dinosauriformes gen. sp. indet. 1

(Ferigolo, and Langer, 2007)


Genus: Dinosauriformes gen. sp. indet. 1 (Ferigolo, and Langer, 2007)

Classification: Archosauria - Dinosauromorpha - Dinosauriformes


Species: none

Referred Specimens: MCN PV10007, PV10008: 2 femora.

MCN PV10026: Ilium.

Time: Late Carnian -Early Norian, Late Triassic.

Horizon: Corresponds to the top of the Alemoa Member, Santa Maria Formation, and to the Caturrita Fromation.

Location: Inside of the urban area of Agudo, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

Total length:



Comments: Two femoral types with size disparity were excavated in the type-locality of Sacisaurus: the larger one is known from two (left and right) nearly complete bones (MCN PV10007, PV10008) about 150mm long, whereas 15 right femora of the smaller kind were recovered. These morphotypes are believed to represent different taxa, and the smaller ones are tentatively assigned to Sacisaurus, based on their matching size to other skeletal parts.



Ferigolo, J., and Langer, M. C., 2007, A Late Triassic dinosauriform from south Brazil and the origin of the ornithischain predentary bone: Historical Biology, v. 19, n. 1, p. 23-33.

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