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Coelophysoidae indet. 1

(Allain, Tykoski, Aquesbi, Jalil, Monbaron, Russell, and Taquet, 2007)


Genus: none (Allain, Tykoski, Aquesbi, Jalil, Monbaron, Russell, and Taquet, 2007)

Classification: Dinosauria - Saurischia - Theropoda - Coelophysoidea

Etymology: none


Type species: none

Other Species: none

Diagnosis: none

Species: none

Etymology: none


Holotype: Material - pes elements.

Referred Specimens: none

Time: Early Jurassic (Toarchian).

Horizon: Wazzant Formation

Location: Moroccan High Atlas.

Total length: 2.5-3 m.

Mass: ?

Diagnosis: none

Comments: Jenny and colleauges (1980) and Taquet (1984) briefly reported another theropod from the late Early Jurassic of the Moroccan High Atlas. This specimen comes from the Toarcian Wazzant Formation and is currently under preparation in the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, in Paris. It differs clearly from Berberosaurus in its smaller size, the longer cervical vertebral centra, and the absence of a sulcus on the medial surface of the fibula (Allain, Tykoski, Aquesbi, Jalil, Monbaron, Russell, and Taquet, 2007).


Jenny, Jenny-Deshusses, Le Marrec and Taquet, 1980. Decouverte d'ossements de Dinosauriens dans le Jurassique inferieur (Toarcien) du Haut-Atlans central (Maroc). Comptes Rendus Academie des Sciences. 290 839-842.

Taquet, 1984. Two new Jurassic specimens of coelurosaurs (Dinosauria). in Hecht, Ostrom, Viohl and Wellnhofer (eds). The Beginnings of Birds: Proceedings of the International Archaeopteryx Conference, Eichstaett. 229-232.

Allain, R., Tykoski, R., Aquesbi, N., Jalil, N.-E., Monbaron, M., Russell, D., and Taquet, P., 2007, An abelisauroid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Early Jurassic of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, and the radiation of ceratosaurs: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, v. 27, n. 3, p. 610-624.

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